Business Philosophy

Litex Lighting is always looking for better solutions for lighting in a natural way. What we provide is not only a product, but also a living belief. Litex is looking for cooperators who share the same idea in global market. “Lite life; Lite Lighting” which is company’s slogan, leads all Litex men to their own way of success. At present, Litex has developed Mid-East, South-east Asia, Latin America.



u      To develop and manufacture quality outdoor lighting products suitable for the global market.

u      To deliver our products on time.

u      To continuously improve our technical manufacturing capabilities.

u      To continuously invest in our people and human resources.

u      To develop and implement Total Quality Management Systems and HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) to improve company performance.

u      To provide the best levels of service and transparency to our customers.


Policy for self-sustaining business practice

We strive to research and develop quality, energy-efficient lighting products to benefit the consumers. In parallel, we place great importance in the development of each of our personnel, the practice of ethical standards. And also, we are streamlining the process of managerial skills within the organization in order to be competitive in the international market. In doing so, we aim to become a part of an ever-progressing socially and environmentally-aware member of the world community.