LED industry patents atmosphere Wind storms

The patent crisis facing China's LED enterprises or will

According to the report, LED industry in China, especially in China's LED industry development gradually reached today, annual output value of 20 billion yuan, the LED industry in China or will be faced with the international giants patent infringement lawsuit. It is understood that the current international LED giant "fisherman" and many patents have been in collecting evidence, ready to prosecute the Chinese LED enterprises infringement, if successful, or China's LED industry will suffer a setback.

Of course does not rule out the patent for the market "to realize the possibility of" reconciliation ". But the patent "knife", is likely to bring these giants market opportunities at the same time, also could be will "prey" to the local Chinese competitors "arms", so "patent war", struggle, is not yet known.

Or on the news, 13, A stock market index tumbled 1.55% in early trading, LED plates, late in the non-ferrous and rare earth plate under strong lift, LED plate index decline narrowed, closed down 0.13% throughout the day. Only silan micro throughout the day (600460, 16.79, + 0.1, 0.6) write, the star light electric (002449, 23.91, + 0.31, 1.31) write, hong photoelectric (300219), dried according to the photoelectric (300102, 30.35, + 0.31, 1.03) write, lehman photoelectric (300162, 24.39, + 0.14, 0.58) write LED packaging industry, such as stocks, rose by not more than 2%.

China's LED industry to grow rapidly

LED, or light emitting diode, is a kind of electric energy into light energy of semiconductor devices, can be LED energy saving, environmental protection, safety, small volume, long service life and color is rich, known as the third revolution of human lighting, in the future is expected to replace most of the traditional light source.

At the beginning of the birth of LED technology, due to various factors such as technical conditions restrict, LED only applied to household appliances, instruments and meters, consumer electronics, work instructions, after 40 years of development today, the LED application gradually expanded to include the car tail lights, outdoor variable signals, expressway intelligence, outdoor large screen and traffic lights, and other fields, with high brightness LED most widely used at present, more than about 80% of the LED market. With constant expansion of application scope, the global LED industry developing rapidly, high brightness LED the market alone as much as $8.25 billion (2009), is expected in 2014 the global high brightness LED the size of the market or will reach more than $200, and are more optimistic about that, over the next 10 years the global LED lighting will be as high as 10 trillion yuan (RMB), the size of the market.

China LED technology application basically with the international synchronization, but compared with international development of Chinese industrialization LED LED industry development is slow, but since 2000, China's LED industry developing rapidly, as of 2009, a total of more than 3000 various types of LED production enterprises in China, among them, the LED industry upstream of the epitaxial wafer and chip makers 25, about 600 LED packaging enterprises, applied about 2500) production and processing enterprises, the annual output value of 126 billion yuan (2010), the epitaxial wafer and chip output value of about 4 billion yuan, LED packaging production of about 27 billion yuan, LED application of about 95 billion yuan, basically formed the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, fujian triangle, four big industrial cluster, and the northern region of the pearl river delta of the output value accounted for 35% of national output, Yangtze river delta accounted for 40%, fujian triangle (8%), the northern region accounted for 5%.

With the advancement of China's energy conservation and emission reduction policy, as well as the LED energy saving subsidy policy implementation, the LED industry in China will continue to grow stronger. Is expected in 2015 China LED the size of the market or will reach 500 billion yuan, this compared to about 126 billion yuan in 2010 will grow nearly fourfold production scale, this may mean that LED the epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturing, upstream of the middle reaches of LED encapsulation and LED application of downstream in the next five years will achieve more than four times the growth.


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